Mileage blocker ABARTH

2012 - 2024

The history of the Abarth brand goes back to 1949, when Carlo Abarth founded the company in Italy. Over time, Abarth has become a symbol of passion for racing and high performance. The brand has earned its reputation for its sports cars, aggressive design and advanced technology.

Abarth cars attract attention with their sporty looks and outstanding performance characteristics. They feature powerful engines, sporty suspension and advanced control systems, providing a unique driving experience. The brand is renowned for its sporting achievements and participation in global racing competitions.

Abarth is also known for its advanced technologies that deliver high performance and efficiency. The company is constantly innovating to offer its customers advanced features and capabilities, contributing to improved safety, comfort and driving pleasure.

The appeal of the Abarth brand stems from its reputation in the world of motorsport and passion for racing. Abarth is associated with high performance, adrenaline and individuality, making it attractive to lovers of speed and exciting driving. The brand offers a variety of models, from sporty hatchbacks to coupes, to satisfy the most daring automotive fantasies.

Our device plays a key role in controlling the mileage of Abarth brand vehicles, especially for leasing companies and commercial fleets. The installation of the mileage limiter is simple and does not require complicated procedures. It is designed to be compatible with most Abarth models and ensures accurate monitoring of odometer readings in accordance with legislation.