Mileage blocker GENESIS

The Genesis brand story began in 2015 when Hyundai Motor Company introduced this premium brand to the automotive world. Since its inception, Genesis has become a symbol of luxury, innovation and advanced technology in the automotive industry.

Genesis cars attract attention with their sophisticated design, refined style and high level of comfort. They are an elegant combination of sleek lines, modern design elements and luxurious interior materials. Genesis is known for its extensive customization and personalization options, allowing each owner to create a unique vehicle that meets their individual preferences.

Apart from aesthetic admiration, Genesis is also renowned for its advanced technologies that provide the highest level of safety, comfort and entertainment. Its vehicles are equipped with advanced driving assistance systems, intelligent infotainment systems and numerous innovative features that make driving them unique and enjoyable.

The appeal of Genesis is defined by its reputation as a premium brand that offers the highest levels of comfort, style and innovation. Genesis is associated with luxury, sophistication, and individuality, making it the preferred choice for those who appreciate the highest level of automotive elegance and performance.

Installing the mileage limiter is simple and requires no complicated procedures. It is designed to be compatible with most Genesis models and provides accurate monitoring of odometer readings in accordance with legislation.