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Mileage blocker PEUGEOT

2014 - 2022


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Peugeot is a French automotive brand with a rich heritage and over two hundred years of history. Peugeot was founded in 1810 and since then they have become one of the most famous and successful car manufacturers in the world.
Peugeot vehicles are distinguished by their elegant design and innovative technology. They offer a wide range of models including hatchbacks, sedans, station wagons, crossovers and SUVs. Peugeot is known for its French charm and unique style that is expressed in every model.
One of the strengths of Peugeot cars is their dynamic handling and comfortable ride. They offer state-of-the-art suspension and drive systems that provide smooth and stable on the road. The company is also actively integrating advanced technologies such as driver assistance systems, infotainment systems and LED headlights.

Peugeot is an automotive brand with a rich heritage, stylish design, innovative technology and sporting heritage. They strive to offer quality vehicles that combine comfort, performance and environmental efficiency.

Our company offers a specialized device, which is essential for accurate recording of vehicle mileage. This is especially useful for leasing companies, commercial fleets and car owners who are looking to maintain a high value for their vehicles when reselling them. Our device provides a legal and reliable limit to the mileage displayed on the odometer, which helps to establish trust with both current owners and future buyers.
The installation process of our mileage limiter is simple and safe. It has been specially designed to be compatible with most Peugeot models and can be easily integrated into stock connectors without the need to modify factory wiring. This setup provides accurate monitoring and control of the mileage displayed on the odometer. Our mileage monitoring program is fully compliant with laws and regulations, ensuring the safe and legal use of this device.