Mileage blocker XPENG

XPeng (also known as Xiaopeng Motors) is a Chinese company specializing in the design and manufacture of electric vehicles. It was founded in 2014 and is one of the leading players in the growing electric vehicle market in China.
XPeng aims to create a smart, innovative and environmentally friendly automotive brand. They offer a wide range of electric vehicles, including sedans and crossovers, that combine cutting-edge technology and modern design.
One of the key features of XPeng vehicles is their autonomous driving. They are equipped with advanced systems and sensors that provide a level of autonomy on the road. This includes features such as automatic parking, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control and other driver assistance technologies.
XPeng is also actively integrating artificial intelligence and voice control systems into its vehicles, allowing drivers to interact with the vehicle more conveniently and intuitively. The company is also developing its own operating system for cars, which provides various features and services to improve the driving experience.
XPeng is actively working to develop the infrastructure of charging stations in order to provide convenient and affordable charging for its customers. In addition, the company is committed to sustainability by incorporating more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies into its vehicles.

XPeng is a young and innovative company aiming to become a leading player in the electric vehicle market. They offer modern and smart vehicles with advanced technology and autonomous driving features, while maintaining environmental efficiency and comfort for their customers.

We specialize in providing a unique device that plays an important role in the accurate recording of vehicle mileage. This is especially valuable for leasing companies, commercial fleets and car owners who want to maintain the high value of their vehicles when reselling them in the future. Our device provides a legal and reliable limit to the mileage displayed on the odometer, which helps to establish trust with both current owners and future buyers.
The installation process of our mileage limiter is simple and safe. It is specially designed to be compatible with most Xpeng vehicle models and can be easily integrated into stock connectors without the need for factory wiring modifications. This setup provides accurate monitoring and control of the mileage displayed on the odometer. Our mileage monitoring program is fully compliant with laws and regulations, ensuring that this device is safe and legal to use.