Mileage blocker ZEEKR

Zeekr is an electric vehicle brand created by Geely, one of the largest automotive manufacturers in China. Zeekr was introduced in 2021 and aims to produce premium electric vehicles with cutting-edge technology. The Zeekr brand aims to offer innovative electric vehicles that combine high performance, advanced technology and environmental efficiency. They are focused on developing next-generation electric vehicles that offer cutting-edge features and innovation. One of the key features of Zeekr is their approach to mobility as a service. They are committed to providing a wider range of services and integrating connectivity technologies to create a convenient and perfect mobile ecosystem for their customers. Zeekr is also actively developing its own autonomous driving and artificial intelligence platform. They are working to implement advanced sensor systems and algorithms to ensure a high level of autonomy and safety on the road. For sustainability and environmental responsibility, Zeekr is also actively developing its electric vehicles using environmentally friendly materials and improved energy efficiency systems. Zeekr aims to become a new player in the electric vehicle industry and offer attractive and innovative vehicles that meet the needs of the growing electric vehicle market. Our device plays an important role in situations where accurate mileage tracking is required. It is great for leasing companies, commercial fleets and car owners who value the accuracy and reliability of vehicle mileage data. By legally and legally installing our device, we provide the ability to limit the odometer mileage, which gives confidence to both car owners and potential buyers. The installation process of the mileage limiter is simple and does not require complex manipulations. We've designed the device to be compatible with most Zeekr models, and it's easy to install into stock jacks without the need for any factory wiring changes. This setup provides accurate monitoring and control of odometer readings. Our mileage monitoring program is fully compliant with laws and regulations to ensure that this device is safe and legal to use.