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Mileage blocker MG MOTOR

MG Motors is a British car brand founded in 1924. It is known for its sports cars and rich motorsport heritage. Today MG Motors is part of the Chinese automobile company SAIC Motor Corporation Limited.
The history of MG Motors began with the production of sports cars that were popular with car enthusiasts in the UK and beyond. The brand was known for its stylish and fast cars that offered great performance and driving dynamics.
With the acquisition of MG Motors by the Chinese company SAIC, the brand went through a process of modernization and expansion of the model range. Today, MG Motors offers a wide range of vehicles including sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers and electric vehicles.
Key strengths of MG Motors vehicles include stylish design, affordability, advanced technology and good value for money. The brand strives to provide customers with innovative features and options that are usually associated with more expensive vehicles.

The MG Motors brand is valued for its heritage, sporting character and value for money. MG Motors vehicles are an attractive option for those who are looking for a reliable and stylish car at an affordable price, combining sporty performance and modern technology.

Our Accurate Mileage Recorder is an essential component and is great for use by leasing companies, commercial fleets and car owners who appreciate the high resale value of their vehicles, including MG Motors models.
The installation process of our device is simple and safe. It easily integrates into the vehicle's original connectors without the need for complicated procedures or factory wiring changes. As a result, the manufacturer's warranty is maintained and the safety of the vehicle's electrical system, including MG Motors models, is ensured.
It is important to note that our device is fully compliant with the law and complies with all norms and requirements. We strictly comply with regulations to ensure the safety and legality of the use of the device. We guarantee that our device works in full compliance with legal requirements, giving additional confidence to car owners.