Mileage blocker FORD

Ford is one of the most historically significant and popular car brands. It was founded by Henry Ford in 1903 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. From the very beginning of its existence, Ford stood out for its innovative approaches to automobile production, which became a key factor in its success.

One of the main virtues of Ford vehicles is their durability and reliability. Ford is known for the quality construction and durability of its vehicles. Through the use of high-quality materials and careful quality control, Ford vehicles provide long life and excellent performance. The company always strives to be at the forefront of the automotive industry by incorporating new technologies and features into its models. This includes advanced safety systems, convenient infotainment systems, efficient engines and a host of other innovations that enhance driving comfort and convenience.
Ford is also known for its wide range of models, from compact city cars to powerful pickups and SUVs. This allows the company to meet the needs of different market segments and attract a wide audience of car enthusiasts. In addition, Ford offers a variety of options and customization packages to allow customers to customize their vehicle to meet their individual preferences and needs.

Ford is valued for its reliability and innovation, broad lineup and comfort. The brand has a rich history and continues to be one of the leading car companies in the world, offering high quality vehicles and modern technology.

Wherever accurate mileage accounting is required, our device plays a meaningful role. It is ideal for leasing companies, commercial fleets and car owners who value reliable and accurate mileage information. By installing our device in accordance with the law, we provide an odometer mileage limiter that is important to both car owners and potential buyers.
The process of installing the odometer limiter is simple and does not require complicated procedures. We've designed the device to be compatible with most Ford models and it's easy to install into OEM connectors without having to make changes to the factory wiring. This installation ensures accurate monitoring and control of odometer readings. Our odometer monitoring program is fully compliant with laws and regulations, ensuring the safe and legal use of this device.