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Original factory connector

Does not require soldering of wires

Made in Germany by German programmers

Does not require cutting the standard wiring

The warranty for the stop filter is 1 year



The odometer STOP FILTER is an innovative device made in Germany by German programmers for stopping mileage during car testing and in a number of other cases. The device stops recording-counting kilometers during tests, or during test runs.


Using this device, the mileage record in all electronic modules of the vehicle under test is suspended. In the memory of electronic modules, the same mileage remains as on the instrument panel. Filters are designed for almost all car brands


The filter has the original standard connectors as on the car, so you do not need to solder and remove any parts. The filter is connected to the standard connectors of the car, which is clearly shown in the demo videos. The filter is activated using the standard buttons on the steering wheel of the car.


DIY installing the filter is quick and easy and takes no more than half an hour. After installing and using the filter, no fault codes or errors are left in the vehicle units. The filter is compatible with all cars with all possible configurations, and is also easily activated and deactivated (turned off) by regular buttons on the steering wheel and does not require any additional wires and buttons!




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Our company is a team of specialists focused on innovative solutions in the field of automotive electronics and tuning. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and passion for developing innovative solutions that we bring to the automotive industry.

Since our founding in 1998, we have specialized in repairing and rebuilding electronic modules and control units in modern vehicles. Over 26 years we have deepened our knowledge and skills in this field. Our experience covers a wide range of activities, including working with German car manufacturers, vehicle diagnostics and customization, and the use of CAN-buses in automotive electronics.

Our specialization in German automakers has been a key element of our experience. We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technology and features of brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen. Our company provides high quality service and repair of these brands' vehicles, as well as the development of innovative solutions.

In addition to working with German manufacturers, we also have extensive experience with other car brands. We provide a full range of maintenance, repair and development of innovative solutions for vehicles from various manufacturers, including Japanese, American, Korean and other brands.

Our team has successfully applied CAN-bus technology to diagnose and configure various vehicle systems, as well as to develop devices based on it. Our specialists have an in-depth knowledge of communication protocols, message structure and CAN bus specifications, which allows us to interact effectively with automotive electronics.

The Kmstop filter device is an innovative solution with a simple and clear control system, which provides maximum convenience for our customers. Installation of this device in the vehicle is easy and without the need for complicated settings or modifications, which guarantees reliable monitoring of kilometers during the entire period of operation.

Kmstop filter allows you to analyze and save your vehicle's mileage data for later use or analysis, ensuring that you can effectively monitor your vehicle's usage based on accurate mileage information. This device is compatible with a wide range of vehicle models from different manufacturers, making it versatile and popular among our customers.

In addition, Kmstop filter is designed with a variety of vehicle platforms in mind and its functionality is not limited to a specific brand, ensuring that it is compatible with vehicles from different manufacturers without any problems. Our team is constantly working to update and adapt the device to new car models, ensuring it meets the latest market requirements and needs. Regardless of the make of your vehicle, the Kmstop filter provides convenience and guarantees reliable and accurate monitoring of its mileage.