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Is it possible to trace a mileage blocker

Is it possible to trace a mileage blocker? - Everything you need to know.

Mileage correction tools are very common in the modern world, and people use various methods to somehow change the odometer and change the numbers on it, but the main question is whether mileage blockers can be traced? In short - no, but in order to answer this question, which everyone has thought about, you need to take into account several factors.

First of all, there are a number of devices that interfere with the correct operation of the system. They artificially correct the mileage and display unreliable figures on the dashboard. To do this, they use rollback, deletion, freezing or data extraction. A person can delete any distance in a matter of minutes. While these methods seem appealing, they all have the same problems. First, newer cars store information in separate memory blocks, and even if the license plates are removed from the dashboard, the data is easily traceable. In addition, any action that causes the odometer to show an unreliable distance is illegal, and the responsible party will face a legal dispute.

Admittedly, these gadgets have a number of drawbacks, so the German team has created an advanced tool - the Mileage Blocker. These unique blockers from Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) do not delete or roll back pre-existing data (which is automatically illegal). How it works. A mileage blocker simply stops counting miles or kilometers when the vehicle is in motion. Thus, it stops the entire process of recording distance. It also prevents the mechanism from saving the mileage information in any storage devices, so the data cannot be tracked. Remember that a mileage blocker is for testing and tuning purposes only, and it is illegal to use it on free roads.

To summarize, there are many devices that interfere with the proper functioning of the odometer. Can mileage blockers be traced? All these devices have the same disadvantage - they are easy to trace, but there is a mileage blocker that only changes the recording process in the car and is also untraceable. Also, keep in mind that it is for testing or tuning purposes only and it is illegal to use it in everyday life.

What is a car diagnostic device?

As the incidence of mileage fraud has increased, people are trying to find a solution. Initially, of course, everyone tries to identify the problem on their own. However, it has become evident that it is extremely difficult to identify such illegal activities. It is at this point that we turn to professionals for help. Technicians have many useful gadgets for different cases, and one of them is a diagnostic scanner.

New cars are equipped with a lot of sensors, panels, and advanced elements that instantly detect any malfunction. Once they detect a problem, a special icon will appear on the dashboard. It is true that in the modern era these technologies have come in handy, but still there are cases when this is not enough and a diagnostic gadget comes to the rescue. But is it possible to track down mileage blockers with the help of a diagnostic gadget? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to consider the principle of operation of this device.

Diagnostic scanners help identify a problem, damage, or something that is preventing the system from functioning properly. It uses all the data that the drives accumulate and analyzes it. It will identify all problems from the smallest to the biggest. You just need to plug it into the ODB (on-board diagnostics) port and turn it on. Depending on the manufacturer, the ODB port may be located in a different part of the car, so check this detail beforehand. Once you set up the scanner, it will display all the information you need.It is very effective against mileage correction devices, but cannot detect any traces of a mileage blocker.

Justification for purchase

If you are wondering whether or not to buy a diagnostic device, you need to know all its pros and cons. The first and most important question is "why do you need it"? If your dashboard often gives out errors, this will be a great choice. It will also be useful if you decide to check the calibration of your odometer. But can mileage blockers be tracked? No, odometer blockers do not use the CAN bus to store information inside the vehicle. Hence, diagnostic tools cannot detect them.

You have the choice of visiting a professional or buying one. A visit to a professional will cost you between $40 and $400. Prices vary depending on what services you need. Prices may vary depending on your location (city, state or country), so check the details in advance. It should be noted that sometimes they claim the diagnosis is free, but in that case you may be charged for other additional services. In general, whether it's free or not, you'll end up paying about the same amount of money.

Let's discuss what you need to consider before buying. First and foremost is the price. There are different versions, and the cheapest ones will cost you around 100 dollars. If you want to buy something that has a lot more features and functions, you will have to spend a lot more than 100 dollars. However, appliances need to be checked frequently to make sure they are working perfectly. Therefore, if you buy a device, it will be a one-time cost for you (because you will have a gadget and you can check your car whenever you want), while each visit will cost you a certain amount of money.

Therefore, buying a diagnostic device depends on your budget and goals. Of course, a visit will cost less than buying a gadget, but things may be different in the long run. If you only need to be examined once, a visit may be the best option. If, however, you plan to have checkups several times, it is better to invest money.

How to avoid clocking

Clocking is an ever-growing problem in the 21st century. Countries are trying to prevent it somehow, but so far the measures are not good enough to stop them. According to the NHTSA, more than half a million cars in the US alone have a misleading speedometer. Damage in the U.S. runs into the billions. Similar actions are common in the European Union as well. Due to the fact that they have no uniform legislation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to control this process. An EU report states that the removal of digits occurs in cross-border areas and causes damage ranging from 1 to 9 billion euros.

Even though it is illegal, people are still rolling back or deleting the miles displayed on the dashboard. In this reality, more and more people are asking the question, "Can mileage blockers be tracked"? As we know, no device can track odometer blockers, so it's important to know how to protect yourself from potential fraud. Here are helpful tips to know when buying a used car.

Even though it's illegal, people still roll back or delete the miles displayed on the dashboard. In this reality, more and more people are asking the question, "Can odometer blockers be tracked"? As we know, no device can track odometer blockers, so it's important to know how to protect yourself from potential fraud. Here are helpful tips to know when buying a used car.

Check the appearance. Inspect the tires and make sure they are in proper/good condition;

Artificially altering the mileage requires removal of the instrument panel. It is likely to have scratches on it if someone has zeroed the odometer;

Inspect all pedals and make sure they are not worn. A new car will not have significantly worn pedals;

Inspect the pedals as well. Inspect them carefully to make sure they are in good condition and there is nothing suspicious;

Make sure you have all the official documents, reports and logbooks. These detail important information. Double-check that this information matches the numbers on the dashboard;

You can also request a VIN to verify the data online.

Mileage variation is becoming extremely common. These steps will help you identify the problem in the beginning and prevent additional complications. Remember to always check as much as possible and confirm all information provided.

Odometer blocker - a legal device for stopping the odometer 

Over the years, many companies have tried to create something that could effectively and legally change the distance on your dashboard. They have started to roll back, remove, remove, remove and time the numbers, but all of these actions are illegal. Plus, they have another big problem - they can be tracked. So a team from Germany developed the Mileage Blocker, a device that simply stops the recording of mileage. That is, it simply prevents new miles or kilometers from being counted while the car is in motion. Its effectiveness has been proven, but the question arises, "Can the Mileage Blocker be tracked?" No, no one can detect it. The blocker doesn't delete data from the system, it just doesn't store the information, which makes it unhackable. The company created it solely for testing and tuning cars. 

The odometer has a number of advantages:

It comes with simple installation instructions. By following the simple steps, you can install it yourself;

The blocker does not transmit information to storage devices and has an untraceable effect;

Plug and go feature;

The utility has several modules and you can choose the most suitable one for your disk;

The mileage blockers consist of high quality cables that are heat resistant and work smoothly in all conditions;

Official blockers from Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) include a mobile app. This gives you the ability to operate it from your phone.

Anyone can purchase a mileage blocker from SKF. Always remember that the company created it for testing/tuning purposes and it is unethical to use it on free tracks. This is why they are often used by various manufacturers and dealerships.

On a side note:

In conclusion, can mileage blockers be tracked? - No, because they don't store data about kilometers in the system. They simply stop counting kilometers while you are in motion and hence, no one knows about your trip. The device also has a mobile app that allows you to control it remotely using your cell phone. Please remember that the device is for testing purposes and it is unethical and illegal to use it on free roads. If you have any questions, please visit the support page or contact the customer service center.

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