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Mileage blocker SEAT

Seat (Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo) is a Spanish car brand founded in 1950. It is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Seat specializes in the production of compact and mid-size cars, as well as sports models.
Seat has been a popular brand in Europe for many years, especially in Spain. It is known for its combination of stylish design, dynamism and excellent value for money. Seat makes a variety of car models including hatchbacks, sedans, station wagons, SUVs and sports cars.
In addition, Seat also produces sports models under the Cupra brand. Cupra cars feature high performance and custom chassis tuning designed for motorsport enthusiasts.
Seat continues to evolve and offer new models with innovative technologies. Through a partnership with the Volkswagen Group, Seat vehicles combine Spanish style and quality with German engineering excellence.

Seat actively implements advanced technologies in its cars. This includes state-of-the-art infotainment and communications systems such as a navigation system, touch-screen multimedia screens, smartphone connectivity and a host of other features to enhance the comfort and convenience of drivers and passengers.

Our device plays a key role in providing accurate mileage records. It is ideal for use by leasing companies, commercial fleets and car owners who value high resale value. We offer legal and reliable odometer mileage limits that build trust with both owners and potential buyers.
The installation process of our mileage limiter is simple and safe. It is specially designed to be compatible with most Seat models and can be easily installed in stock sockets without the need for modifications to the factory wiring. This setup provides accurate monitoring and control of the mileage displayed on the odometer. Our mileage monitoring program is fully compliant with laws and regulations, ensuring the safe and legal use of this device.