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Mileage blocker MINI

MINI is an automobile brand that was first introduced in 1959. She is an icon of the British car industry and is famous for her compact and stylish cars. Despite its name, MINI has become more than just a small car, it has become a symbol of individuality, energy and practicality.
The history of MINI began with the release of the original model, which has become a cult classic and has gained popularity due to its excellent design and handling. The original MINI was small but powerful and became synonymous with British style and automotive innovation.
MINI is currently owned by the German automobile company BMW, which has invested significant efforts in the development of the brand and the expansion of its model range. Today, MINI offers a variety of models, including hatchbacks, crossovers, convertibles and sports versions, while maintaining its unique iconic character.
The key strengths of MINI vehicles include excellent agility, on-road responsiveness and excellent driving characteristics. MINI offers an energetic and exciting driving experience that makes every journey fun and exciting.
In addition, MINI is renowned for its unique design, which combines elegance and individuality. Each MINI model has its own distinctive features and numerous customization options, allowing owners to express their individuality and create a car that suits their style and preferences.

MINI is valued for its uniqueness, stylish design and dynamism. MINI cars are a symbol of individuality and offer a pleasant driving experience combined with high quality and innovative technology.

Our Accurate Mileage Recorder is an essential component and is ideal for use by leasing companies, commercial fleets and car owners who appreciate the high resale value of their vehicles, including Mini models.
The installation process of our device is simple and safe. It easily integrates into the vehicle's original connectors without the need for complicated procedures or factory wiring changes. This preserves the manufacturer's warranty and ensures the safety of the vehicle's electrical system.
It is important to note that our device is fully compliant with the law and complies with all norms and requirements. We strictly follow the regulations to ensure the safe and legal use of the device. We guarantee that our device works in full compliance with legal requirements, giving additional confidence to car owners.