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BMW 1 F20/F21

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With short cable, without phone control
With a short cable, with phone control


Easy and fast installation ✔️
Dismount the odometer, disconnect it and attach the mileage freezer with the original plug connector ✔️
The installation does not require cutting or soldering of cables ✔️
It can be activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel ✔️
No error messages displayed on the speedometer or navigation panel ✔️
It come with an original connector, with a high-quality plug ✔️
The confirmation of the activation will be displayed on the speedometer ✔️

From December 15, all BMW G and F series inclusive of 2022 with a working speed arrow and automatic reset of Service (Reset Oil)!!!

This device is compatible with all BMW G series regardless of software version.

If the vehicle has received a software update, you can simply activate mode two and continue using this device.

No exchange or update required.

When the device is active, the BMW Adaptive Driver Assistance Systems like Adaptive cruise control, Traffic Jam Assistant, Active lane assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Parking Assistant, Trailer Assistant, Night Vision Assistant, Adaptive light and other work without interference!

✔️ Activation✔️
Press BC button for 10 sec.

Repeat the process to switch from mode to mode. The turn lights flash briefly according to the currently selected mode: Mode 1 = 1x flashing, Mode 2 = 2x flashing etc.

Mode 1: The mileage is stopped. The speed indicator and assistance systems work. (This mode only works with G models WITHOUT a software update from 2019)

Mode 2: The mileage is stopped and the speed indicator and assistance systems do not work. (This mode only works with G models WITH a software update from 2019)

Mode 3: The counted miles are halved (1/2) and the speed indicator shows half of the actual speed.

Mode 4: The counted miles are quartered (1/4) and the speed indicator shows quarter of the actual speed.

❌  Deactivation ❌ 
Mode 4: The device is deactivated and the speed indicator shows the actual speed.

The Can Blocker always maintains the last applied settings. Hence, you don’t have to change the settings before starting the car next time.
The device can be activated or deactivated, either while driving or when stationary.⚙️


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