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BMW I3 (I03) Mileage Blocker sometimes is mentioned as: Odometer Blocker, Odometer Stopper, Can Blocker, Mileage Stopper, Trip Odometer, Can Filter, and in some instances as a Mileage Correction tool.





  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) installation
  • Doesn’t leave a trace, no soldering or cutting of cables required
  • Speed indicator and assistance systems work according to the selected mode
  • Comes with premium-quality plugs and heat-resistant cables
  • Select settings once and save them unconditionally
  • Has multiple modes to choose from
  • Can be turned on and off while in motion
  • After removing the module, the mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously
  • Automatic Service adjustment
  • The diagnostic testers cannot discover the mileage altered by BMW i3 (i03) Mileage Stopper
  • Easy to operate with several key combinations
  • No need to open ECUs
  • No error messages displayed on the speedometer or navigation panel
  • Mating face and Ridges on the connector guarantee a smooth installation process
  • If the vehicle has received a software update, you can simply activate mode two and continue using this device. No exchange or update required
  • The ability to purchase with or without an app





Our Mileage Blocker not only stops counting covered distance in all memories of a vehicle but also automatically corrects the service. The only part which isn’t stopped while using the tool is „Service“. It is still counted down but does not record any mileage until 30% is remaining. If there remains 30% before the due date, it automatically jumps back up to 90%. If it’s pushed back up to 90% from 30%, before a message was sent, then that service reset is not recorded.

Each service is counted down from the traveled distance time. The service interval for a vehicle is structured like this. As a rule, a service must be made in every 30,000 km for diesel and 15,000 for petrol. The service is counted down while driving. If you drove 1,000 km then the next service would be in 29,000 km. If you stop mileage, then the service shouldn’t count down, but it still continues working until it reaches 30%. In the case of 30,000km, remained 30% is equal to 9,000 km.

When the kilometer stopper is active, it automatically pushes the service back up to 90%, so to 27,000km. The abovementioned numbers are not 100% correct, because many engines have different service intervals, but the percentages are correct.






Press the BC button for 10 seconds

Repeat the process to switch from mode to mode


Mode 1
0% of the actual mileage is recorded

Only works with F models without a software update since 2019. In this mode, the speed indicator works without any interference. The indicator: Turn light x1 flash


Mode 2
0% of the actual mileage is recorded

Only works with F models with updated software since 2019. In this mode, the speed indicator and assistance systems don’t work. The indicator: Turn light x2 flash


Mode 3
50% of the actual mileage is recorded

The speedometer shows only 50% of the actual data. The indicator: Turn light x3 flash


Mode 4
25% of the actual mileage is recorded

The speedometer shows only 25% of the actual data. The indicator: Turn light x4 flash


Mode 5
The kilometers are counted at 100%


Once the module is deactivated, the speedometer and odometer show actual data.


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