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D - Bronco

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     Does not cause errors in the operation of other devices in the car

     Easy Installation

     Can be switched off while driving

     Activated on the spot and on the move

     Reliable connectors and heat-resistant cables

     Leaves no trace in memory

     Mobile app control




FORD - Bronco mileage stop filter is sometimes referred to as: mileage blocker, odometer blocker, odometer limiter, speedometer blocker, mileage limiter, mileage filter, rarely as a mileage stop tool.




     only high-quality accessories are included in the package of delivery;

     leaves no residue when removed: no soldering or cutting of cables required;

     the ability to quickly turn on and off the device (Plug & Play);

     disabling the module does not change the mileage readings;

     during diagnostics, it is impossible to determine the mileage changed by the FORD - Bronco mileage blocker;

     make the setting once, and it will be saved unconditionally;

     the speedometer and other auxiliary systems work flawlessly;

     Does not cause errors in the operation of other devices in the car

     the dimensions of the connectors of the device are precisely calculated for the standard ones;




To activate and deactivate, you must use the mobile application. With the app, you can connect your car to your smartphone via Bluetooth. After connecting, you can simply enable or disable the odometer mileage calculation.


Also device management - pressing the "OK" button for 10 seconds;


Mode 1

accounting mileage 0%


Mode 2

20% mileage allowance


Mode 3

accounting mileage 60%


Mode 4

100% mileage accounting


FORD - Bronco mileage blocker always saves the last applied settings. Therefore, you do not have to change the settings before starting the car next time.

The device can be activated or deactivated both on the move and on the spot.


Online store KMSTOP.COM delivers stop mileage filters all over the world in the shortest possible time.


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