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Your car insurance is not up for renewal until end of January but you have just noticed you have gone over the mileage of your insurance. you need to add around another 10000 miles to my insurance. Has anyone else had to do this and what was the cost. Or could I just keep the insurance in place and take out another one from now.
It will cost me to cancel my insurance so don´t know what to do. Any help would be good.
Some insurances track the miles you do. Do Insurance Companies Check Mileage?

Insurers want to know how many Kilometers / mileage you drive daily, to and from work, as well as your average annual Kilometer / mileage range.
The amount of time you’re on the road influences the risk factor of your car and driving. When you’re on the road more, you’re more likely to make an insurance claim. Drive less, and you’re less likely. The premium you pay reflects this.

On the face of things, it seems that you’re on the honour system about reporting mileage / Kilometer to your insurer. However, you may be reporting your mileage / Kilometers in ways you never think of as connected to your insurance policy. For most motorists, any discrepancy in reported and actual mileage / Kilometer might be at best a poor estimation or at worst a bit of a white lie, neither of which are likely to jeopardize your standing with your insurance company.

When you list the car you drive to and from work as pleasure use only, then there is a fraudulent misrepresentation. If your insurance company finds out, they can void your policy and deny your claims in an accident.

How could they know this, though? It’s not like your insurance agent is going to follow you around. What you may not know is that every vehicle has a unique vehicle identification number. This VIN is located in several places around your car and, in Canada and USA, it’s on both your car ownership and pink insurance slip. Garages, dealerships and even oil change shops identify your vehicle when it’s in for service, and they will take an odometer reading to schedule your next visit or determine what service is required.

If your car has been in an accident, the VIN is again recorded and uploaded. These databases can be searched by VIN number, and a history of your car starts to take shape. Once odometer – mileage readings are compared, your insurer will have a very precise idea of exactly how much you drive and what is happening with your vehicle.
The VIN number is also used by online car reporting services. Using just the VIN, you can look up plenty of public domain information about your car. Subscribing to premium services through these sites can give you access to extensive service history for a vehicle, perhaps one you’re looking to buy.
So yes, insurance companies are quite interested in the mileage – Kilometer – odometer of your car, and it’s quite likely they’ve taken a closer look than you might imagine.

🔸 This module is suitable for Ford Everest 4th gen 🔸
🔹 The speedometer works without any issues, whether Odometer Correction tool is turned on or off 🔹
🔸 Plug & Play plug-in system 🔸
🔹 No soldering or cutting of cables or electronic components required 🔹
🔸 No need to open ECUs 🔸
🔹 Speed is displayed properly in the instrument cluster 🔹
🔸 The distance traveled is not counted when you drive the car 🔸
🔹 Even while entering the Control units in the vehicle, with diagnostic tester, you will see the same value as displayed on the instrument cluster panel (ICP) 🔹
🔸 The ultimate solution for speed signal blocking for Ford 🔸


This Device stops counting up miles/km traveled by your vehicle. With our plug & play adapters, we are able to provide mileage freezer for all Ford with LCD Display models up to and including 2020.
New data is not collected in the memory of vehicle. You can remove and replace the filter without any trace of its installation left.
If the module is removed the distance traveled will not increase spontaneously, but will continue counting as usual.


Easy and fast installation ✔️
Dismount the odometer, disconnect it and attach the mileage freezer with the original plug connector ✔️
The installation does not require cutting or soldering of cables ✔️
It can be activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel ✔️
No error messages displayed on the speedometer, dashboard or navigation panel ✔️
It comes with an original connector with a high-quality plug ✔️
The confirmation of the activation will be displayed on the speedometer ✔️
You can choose between counting distance traveled as normal and stopping mileage at your will ✔️

✔️ Switch On ✔️
To activate the device press OK button for 10 seconds.

❌ Switch Off ❌
Similarly, to deactivate the device press OK button for 10 seconds.


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