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Mileage freezer – Odometer freezer – Mileage stop – km stop freezer – Can filter – Can blocker

🔸 This module is suitable for the Ford Mondeo 🔸
🔹 The speedometer works when the kilometers/mileage are stopped 🔹
🔸 Plug & Play plug-in system 🔸
🔹 No soldering or cutting of cables or electronic components required 🔹
🔸 no need to open ECUs 🔸
🔸 You will see how fast you drive on your instrument cluster while driving 🔸
🔹 You drive the car but the instrument cluster doesn’t count new kilometers/miles 🔹
🔸 When you enter to the ECUs with diagnostic tester you will see the same value like on instrument cluster display 🔸
🔹 The best solution for speed signal blocking for Ford 🔹

This Device stop counting up miles/km in your vehicle. With our plug and play adapters, we can supply this mileage freezer for all Ford with LCD Display models up to and including 2020.
All vehicle memories are stopped. You can remove and replace the filter as ours do not marry the installation vehicle.
if the module is removed, the kilometers/mileag do not jump high.

Easy and fast installation ✔️
Dismount the odometer, disconnect it and connect the mileage freezer with the original plug connection ✔️
The installation does not require cutting or soldering of cables ✔️
It is activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel ✔️
No error messages in the speedometer or navigation ✔️
Original connector with high quality finish ✔️
Confirmation of the activation takes place in the speedo ✔️
You can choose between normal mileage counting or stop mileage counting ✔️
✔️ switch on ✔️
Activation press the OK button for 10 sec.

❌ Switch off ❌
Deactivation press the OK button for 10 sec.


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